MONO Sushi Bar

Our Philosophy

もの [mo-no] means “object” or “thing”.
The heart of MONO lies in its simplicity and minimalism. The endless attention is focused on the food, on its simple and disciplined tradition combined with originality. MONO is a place offering both purity and quality, without exaggeration.

MONO Sushi Bar

Schottenfeldgasse 5, 1070 Wien

Opening Hours

Mon.-Sat.11:30 am - 3:30 pm
5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Table Reservation

TEL +43 1 522 87 80

Come Visit Us

Public Transport
  • Zieglergasse: U3
  • Kaiserstraße/Mariahilfer Straße: 5er Bim
  • Westbahnhof: U6; 52er, 58er, 18er, 9er, 6er Bim
  • Apollogasse 11-13: Apollo-Garage
  • Zieglergasse 3: Garage Mariahilf beim C&A
  • Felberstraße 1: Wipark Garage

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