Our Philosophy

Obviously, if we think about Japanese food, the first expression which comes to our mind is Sushi. Beside fish and rice, the Japanese food culture offers a variety of accompanying ingredients and other dishes.

Only using the finest and freshest ingredients MONO was one of the earliest places offering Sushi in Vienna. We opened in 1994 with only 4 tables and 8 bar stools, when Japanese cuisine was still undiscovered and not nearly as common as it is today. Over time we have grown, but our credo stayed the same.

もの [mo-no] means “object” or “thing”.
The heart of MONO lies in its simplicity and minimalism. The endless attention is focused on the food, on its simple and disciplined tradition combined with originality. MONO is a place offering both purity and quality, without exaggeration.

We try our best to apply authenticity within a local context, to utilize the best fresh products this country has to offer.